Atrendia Friday Video 32: What it takes to be a great leader

In this TED video, Roselinde Torres shares with us what it takes to be a great leader in the 21st century, and she does so with conviction. Can you answer these three questions? Where are you [...]

Atrendia Friday Video 30 – The 14 Points

W. Edwards Deming, in this Youtube video, says, “What needs to be done, can only be done by top management.”  What do you think?  Has this idea become outdated or can we still learn from the [...]

Atrendia Friday Video 29 – Everyday Leadership

In this TED video, Drew Dudley (tell me his parents didn’t name him after some fictional cowboy figure), helps us recognize the power of everyday leadership.  It’s an amazing concept that we [...]

Guest blog: Do you want to lead? or have someone follow?

I’m a dancer. When I studied the Argentine Tango there was a foundational rule that I believe is true for all leaders: The leader opens the door for the follower to pass through, and the leader [...]

Atrendia Friday Video 11 – Itay Talgam – Lead like the great conductors

I LOVE this Ted video.  Many of you know that before becoming a consultant I conducted symphony orchestras, and it is from this musical tradition that I received most of my leadership skills and [...]

Atrendia Friday Video 9 – Dr. Patrick Dixon – Leadership and motivation at work

In this youtube video, Dr Patrick Dixon speaks about leading by leading by helping people connect with their passion. We’ve all heard this message before in various books and speeches, so [...]

The benefits of a culture that puts problem solving ahead of the blame game

I had an excellent session with a client today in which he told me about how he had to bring one of his employees into his office to remind him that, ”we simply can’t make these mistakes around [...]