Poor Email Management – The Real Reason for Slow Responses

Poor Email Management: The Real Reason for Slow Responses by Michael Hoffman Many people blame their inability to respond in a timely manner on the demands of their job. But the truth is that the real reason they’re struggling is because they’re not managing their email well. One of the biggest culprits is Outlook, the […]

Is there good stress

Is there good stress I just read another article where the author, backed up by degrees in psychology, explained that stress can be a good thing and that we shouldn’t — well, get stressed by stress.    I think that the main message of transforming stress into positive energy is excellent.   Agreed.   But here’s what I […]

LeanMail: 5S and Continuous flow in your inbox

LeanMail: 5S and Continuous flow in your inbox By Michael Hoffman and DJ Duarte   If you think about it, your inbox is a business in of itself, and just like any other business, inventory represents a large avoidable cost. LeanMail employs continuous flow to avoid email inventory – one of the 7 Wastes in […]


ActiveWords Assign words to actions on your computer. Why write a paragraph when you can insert it automatically by typing one single word?  Besides text substitution, ActiveWords opens documents, folders, web pages, and starts programs instantly.  Just tap a few letters on your keyboard and whatever you need magically appears.  ActiveWords is THE productivity tool […]

Hey Mr. Sales Director, George Trachilis is NOT nuts. Are you nuts?

Hey Mr. Sales Director, George Trachilis is NOT nuts. Are you nuts? One of your prime objectives as a sales director is to get your teams out of their inbox and in front of the customer as much as possible. I’m not knocking the importance of email, I’m just saying that you probably see a […]

Guest blog: Drop It Like It’s Hot, By Jesper Sommer

  Not so long ago, Sony Corp. in the US was hacked. I am sure you’ve heard about the case (it was eventually blamed on North Korea, though security experts are questioning that conclusion). My favorite tech-magazine has this interesting article on the subject: The importance of deleting old stuff, another lesson from the Sony attack […]